Face Off Lyrics

Face Off Lyrics
Face Off Lyrics

“Face Off” is a dynamic hip hop single by Tech N9ne, featuring Joey Cool, King Iso, and Hollywood icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Released on September 14, 2023, as the second single from Tech N9ne’s highly anticipated fourteenth studio album, this song packs a punch with its infectious chorus and hard-hitting verses. The lyrics delve into themes of competition, ambition, and dominance.

Face Off Lyrics

[Verse: Tech N9ne]

Spirit of a lion describes my soul
Give it up to Zion then my fire grows
Wishing of a riot inside my lobe
And my trippin’ is the highest when I fight my foes
Bip, I’ma hit ’em with this, you ’bout to get yo’ ass kicked
My technique is so sick, I’m ’bout to make the hit quick
Whole lotta muscle (Chea) you don’t wanna be in a tussle (Chea)
Better than me? That’s rubble
You want trouble? What’s up though? (Chea)
Feelings hot to kill a top guerilla
Drop and kneel to pops, I grilled the opp
For real, ya clock, it yield and stop
Ya will is shot, the deal was knock ya ’til ya plop
I got the hell comin’ yo way (Chea)
You softer than a thing of Yoplait
Nevеr competitive with the bеtter kid, I go cray
Gonna be deaded because I fed it to the Mo’, graves (Chea)
When you wake up in that wet blood
Ain’t no way you ’bout to get up
How you know that I taxed yo’ ass?
‘Cause you got the motherfuckin’ check stub (Rrr)
Always gonna have to pay costs
When you steppin’ in my way, boss
When I build steel and you stay soft
You’re gonna punk out when we face off

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