Neva Cared Lyrics

Neva Cared Lyrics
Neva Cared Lyrics

“Lil Tjay and Polo G have proven themselves as powerful artists, captivating audiences with their genuine talent and meaningful lyrics. Their collaboration in the song ‘Neva Cared’ showcases their strong connection, blending impactful verses with reflective melodies. The track delves into the complexities of street life, addressing themes of loyalty, loss, and the unwavering determination to overcome challenges. Lil Tjay’s smooth flow complements Polo G’s gritty delivery, creating a dynamic and relatable musical experience for listeners worldwide. ‘Neva Cared’ goes beyond being just a song; it’s an anthem for those who have faced adversity, reminding us that resilience can prevail even in the toughest times.”

Neva Cared Lyrics


Before I put it in, I smack her ass (Smack it)
Pull out my iFeezy, hit record, turn on the flash (Haha)
We gon’ make a movie like Ray J and Kim Kardash’ (Bitch)
Put her on the block list, that’s if that pussy trash (Bitch)
I’m Polo G, stressing who? It ain’t a bitch that I can’t smash (Smash)
Prolly fucked her too, it ain’t a bitch that I ain’t had (Flex)
Man, this shit is nothing, you the type to hit and brag
Run yo’ mouth too much, I’m starting to think you niggas fags (Fags)
Hard for me to slow down, I got used to living fast
Bitch, I love the gang, on granny, I’lla give them boys my last (Gang, gang, gang)
Only be with shootas, you can’t hang if you don’t blast
Please don’t try me like DeJ Loaf, I put them killers on yo’ ass (Boom, boom)
Always shouting out my block ’cause, bitch, that’s where I started
Ahead of my class, yeah, I always been the smartest (Bitch)
Ain’t no competition even though they try they hardest
I know they be hating, but I’m in my bag regardless (Flex)
Give this shit a year or two, let’s see who get the farthest
Don’t play in these streets before you turn into a target (Boom, boom, boom)
You could think you crazy, but my shorties get retarded
If I call up CCB, they scoring like they can’t be guarded, bitch
That AR be shooting, I call it G-Unit ’cause you know that bitch stay with .50
Hair-trigger, just tap it, don’t pull it, ain’t saving no bullets, I shoot ’til it’s empty
Like a yoga trainer, we be stretching shit
We come through with the TEC’s, sendin’ messages
Ain’t no talk it out, police chalk him out, only way that we think we can settle shit
Had to cancel my old bitch, she was choosing, I ain’t tripping, I’on miss her ’cause a thot gon’ be a thot (Haha)
Niggas from the other side dissing my homies, I ain’t tripping, just gon’ kill him ’cause a opp gon’ be a opp (Bitch)
Fuck that Wawa shit, we don’t social beef, we grab Glocks
Spot News make reports when we speeding past blocks (Boom, boom, boom)
Bitch, it’s nighttime, so we bringing out them red dots
Got a long nose nine and this bitch don’t blow out snot
Feel like Jordan vs. Utah, I’m deadly with that last shot (Bitch)
Back to poking niggas, if I lose everything that I got
You keep flicking up with them rolls, then we might have to enter yo’ slot
Put that barrel on yo’ head, take yo’ new chain and yo’ watch (Pussy)
I been T’d since I got that news my homie dead
Caught yo’ homie lacking- (Bop, knocked off his dread)
Just for satisfaction, we’ll come take off a nigga head (Haha)
Hollows like a deadly virus, bodies drop when that shit spread
Explode in his flesh, make a mess, get ripped to shreds
Show no mercy for the enemy, nobody getting spared
Man, you niggas bitches, why the fuck would I be scared?
Thirty shots up in my bomb, my momma told me, “Be prepared” (Ooh)
Heard the streets been talking, I know what they said
Capalot been gridin’, shorty gon’ get to that bread (Flex, flex)
Ballin’ like I’m Bryant, no, not Kobe, bitch, Lil’ Ed (Bitch)
See, you could stay on the sideline, I’ma run it up instead, ayy, uh
I’ma run it up instead
See, you could stay on the sideline, I’ma run it up instead, bitch


Lil Capalot in this bitch man
Y’all know what the fuck goin’ on, man
Long live twin ‘nem, 1300 twin ‘nem gang, man
TimTim gang shit, man
You already know how the fuck I’m rockin’, man

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