Sex On Fire Lyrics

sex on fire lyrics - kings of leon
sex on fire lyrics – kings of leon

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon is an electrifying rock anthem that ignites the senses with its raw energy and provocative lyrics.

Released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, “Only by the Night,” this chart-topping hit captivates listeners with its infectious hooks, searing guitar riffs, and frontman Caleb Followill’s impassioned vocals.

Sex On Fire Lyrics

Verse 1

Lay where you’re layin’
Don’t make a sound
I know they’re watchin’
They’re watchin’
All the commotion
The kiddie-like play
It has people talkin’


Your sex is on fire

Verse 2

The dark of the alley
The breakin’ of day
Ahead while I’m drivin’
I’m drivin’
Soft lips are open
Them knuckles are pale
Feels like you’re dyin’
You’re dyin’


Your sex is on fire
With what’s just transpired
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Verse 3

Hot as a fever
Rattlin’ bones
I could just taste it
Taste it
If it’s not forever
If it’s just tonight
Oh, we’re still the greatest
The greatest, the greatest


Your sex is on fire
Your sex is on fire, ahh
With what’s to transpire
And you!
Your sex is on fire
With what’s to transpire

Facts About Sex On Fire Lyrics

Song TitleSex on Fire
ArtistKings of Leon
AlbumOnly by the Night
Release DateSeptember 5, 2008
GenreAlternative rock, garage rock revival
SongwritersCaleb Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill
ProducerAngelo Petraglia
Length3 minutes and 23 seconds
Chart PerformanceReached number one on various charts, including the UK Singles Chart, Billboard’s Alternative Songs, and Hot Rock Songs
Awards and NominationsWon Best International Hit at the NRJ Music Awards (2009), nominated for Best Rock Song at the Grammy Awards (2010)

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